Guiding Your Family Through Probate Or Trust Administration

After the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to understand the exact steps that need to be taken to settle their estate. There is complexity involved with the process, whether the deceased had a will or set up a trust. Having trusted legal representation to guide you through can bring greater peace of mind that the estate will be settled accurately and efficiently.

You can trust your loved one's estate to me, an experienced probate lawyer in Anaheim, California. I've dedicated my legal career to estate law, and have been helping families through probate and trust administration for more than 30 years.

Efficient, Effective Legal Representation

If the deceased person left a will, estate administration is completed through probate. Probate can be very expensive and last far longer than anyone would like. As your attorney, my job is to lessen this burden on you and your family as much as possible. I will guide you through every step of the probate process. I will prepare all necessary documents and represent you at any court appearances. I also will look for alternatives to probate whenever possible.

When a properly drafted trust is in place, there is no court process. However, there is still a trust administration process that needs to be followed carefully. I can help to prepare the necessary documentation to transfer the assets associated with that trust. My goal is to help you through the process as quickly and effectively as possible.

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