Preserving The Dignity Of Disabled Or Incompetent Family Members

Caring for a child or an adult who is unable to care for him or herself due to age, disability, illness or an accident is never an easy task. Setting up a conservatorship makes the legal decision-making less complicated.

A conservatorship allows the conservator to make decisions for the conservatee. This may include where they will live and allocation of their money for rent and bills, and it gives the conservator the power to make necessary medical decisions, all while allowing the conservatee to live as independent a life as possible.

This is a fairly specialized area of estate planning, and not many attorneys can set these documents up correctly. If the documents aren’t drawn up properly, the conservatorship may not pass muster in the court system and multiple tries may be required, which will cost more money in attorney fees.

I am one of a few attorneys in the Anaheim area who knows how to establish a conservatorship. I will help you understand everybody’s rights and responsibilities and make sure that you have all the correct documents in place to help your loved one live the best life possible.

Limited Conservatorships In Southern California

A limited conservatorship is specifically for the parents of a developmentally disabled child (such as one with autism or Down syndrome) who has reached or will be reaching adulthood to ensure their child’s well-being and ability to live as independently as possible. Parents have concerns about what will happen to their child after they pass away, and they will want to prevent someone from taking advantage of their child. Limited conservatorship enables them to oversee their child’s life while still allowing their child to make his or her own decisions. Having conservatorship over the individual as a minor is not enough; new documentation must be drafted.

Since I have represented a charitable organization here in Southern California that deals specifically with limited conservatorships, I am uniquely qualified to help you with your legal needs. In fact, I have more experience in this area than any other attorney in Orange County. I will also help you explore options such as a living trust or health care directive.

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