Frequently Asked Estate And Probate Questions

Does a will avoid probate?

No, it will most likely go through the probate process. To avoid probate, you must establish a living trust or use other estate planning techniques. As an experienced estate planning lawyer, I can fully explain your options.

What does a living trust do that a will doesn’t do?

Most importantly, a living trust avoids probate. As an estate planning document, it offers greater flexibility to accomplish your goals. For example, you also can set up provisions that keep your estate from going to court should you become incompetent.

Will I be responsible for the debts of my deceased family member?

No, you personally do not have to pay — even as estate executor or trustee. Debt collection is limited to what assets are available within the deceased person’s estate. As an experienced probate and estate planning attorney, I can guide you through the entire administration process.

Can I make decisions for a disabled adult child?

To make decisions on behalf of a disabled adult child, a limited conservatorship must be set up. I can help with this documentation, as I have more experience with these cases than any other attorney in Anaheim or Orange County.

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